Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Two Popular Cardmaking Workshops return and available while supplies last

Get ready for the return of two popular cardmaking workshops!

We've got more inventory coming for two popular cardmaking workshops that have been out of stock: the In Full Bloom Cardmaking Workshop kit and the Sweet as Honey Cardmaking Workshop kit.($35.95)

The In Full Bloom kit is part of April's featured product collection, while the Sweet as Honey kit was the kit we featured in January that has sold out twice and left everyone wanting more!

These workshop kits will be made available on my website at 3:00 pm (MDT) on Thursday, April 21. The kits will only remain available as long as supplies last, so if you had your sights set on either one, be ready to get your order in right away. If either kit runs out of stock, then it will be retired and will no longer be available.

In Full Bloom Cardmaking Workshop Kit (G1252)

Sweet As Honey Cardmaking Workshop Kit (G1246)